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Mohammad Alavinia, MSc, MD, PhD



Dr. Mohammad Alavinia has been working as a member of Neural Engineering and Therapeutics Team at Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre since 2014. He graduated from Tehran Medical School as a family physician and subsequently completed MSc and Ph.D. training in Clinical Epidemiology in the Erasmus-mc University in the Netherlands, where he studied workers’ health through application of the Work Ability Index (WAI). After graduation, he focused his research on communicable and non-communicable diseases and development of health quality indicators for Type II diabetes mellitus.  He has served as an assistant professor of epidemiology at medical school and the director of the Program for Control and Prevention of Type-II Diabetes at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the Ministry of Health of Iran. 


During his fellowship at Lyndhurst Centre, he participated in the design, implementation, and evaluation of care indicators for SCI rehabilitation locally and nationally (the SCI-HIGH project) as well as contributes to quality improvement activities related to minimizing Urinary Tract Infections.


Primary Affiliations:
  • Scientific Associate: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, UHN; Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto

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